We’ve provided some short one-page printable checklists to serve as quick guides for you, your money and your partnership. The checklists have links to relevant research and they’re printable as well.

Click on the links below to take you to the text; once you’re there, just click “Printable PDF” to save your own copy.

Name your feelings explains why being attentive to and particular about your feelings will help you and your relationship.

“Who Pays the First Date?” guides you on what to do to ease the uneasy relationship between love and money right from the start.

How to Create an Emergency Fund outlines simple steps you can use to create an emergency fund– even if you are in a crisis now.

Managing a Household While Safer At Home. helps you and your partner to divide home labor equitably during these unprecedented times.

Money Date #1: Money Matters to Me & Financial Wellbeing Purpose Statement gives you a way for you and your partner to talk about your values and financial wellbeing as you move into the future.

Money Date #2: Financial Assessment lays out a simple budget for you and your partner to assess needs vs. wants to help plan for the future.

Money Date #3: How to Create an Emergency Fund lays out a simple budget for you and your partner to assess needs vs. wants to help plan for the future.

Money Date #4: Rethinking the Future features the most important questions to discuss with your partner to help you frame your future.

Money Date #5: Health & Wealth helps guide you and your partner through existential financial concerns so your money can keep working for you and your legacy.

Principles of Happier Money will give you quick tips on how to use the money you have to maximize your well-being.

How to Talk About Money will help you lay the foundation for discussing finances in your relationship.

Merging Your Money Checklist highlights four main financial issues that should be discussed in preparation for merging your households.

Money Merging Specifics provides a list of questions you can ask yourself and your partner about bank accounts, budgeting, and debt.

What Documents Do We Need? will give you an outline of all the documents you need to keep for your financial partnership.

Manage Your Divorce or Break-Up provides a list of things to do if your partnership is ending.

Post-Divorce Financial Checklist is helpful for anyone coming out of a long-term relationship—it’s as useful for couples splitting up after cohabitation as those divorcing. Use this document to outline the next steps now that you are setting out on your own.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Talk about Money and Grow Your Love, Too is a checklist of tips for setting and achieving financial goals together.

Black Friday 2016: Consume Happiness can help you follow six research-backed tips for buying well-being this holiday season.

Making a Financial Resolution this Season? will give you research-tested ways to make better resolutions, and stick to them in the coming year.

Be Your Best Financial Self this Year! can help you ask the right questions in order to be your best financial self next year.

Have an idea for a checklist that we haven’t provided yet? E-mail your ideas to us.