What is equality? 

Equality means being respected for what you bring to the table.

Equality means having the same rights and opportunities as others. It doesn’t necessarily mean being the same, but it does mean having recognition of value and the expectation of similar treatment. And when it comes to finances, division of labor, and recognition of the value of your contributions, having an equal relationship from the start is the goal for most couples.

This section is here to help you navigate your path toward equality in relationships. The first page, You and Your Money, has tips for people to inventory their finances and financial habits. There are also pages to get you through different stages of your relationship – Before Cohabitation and Marriage, During a Committed Relationship, In the Event of a Split, and Deciding to Re-couple. Each page has a brief summary, a section on the legality related to that stage, and a list of essential steps.

For even more information, check out our resources section. Enjoy!