Check out our research-based workbooks, created for you and your partner to use as discussion guides as you think about how financial equality and mutually agreed-upon division of labor can work best in your relationship.

Equal from the Start is a workbook for couples who will be moving in together or getting married in the near future and would like to discuss their financial histories, personalities, goals, and future household.

The Practical Guide to Making Wise Financial Decisions uses writing and thought exercises to help you work through a current financial challenge you are experiencing.

Committed to Equality will be a workbook for couples already in an established long-term relationship and individuals who would like to reassess or recommit to equality in their financial relationship. Coming soon.

Giving Together will be a workbook for couples who are philanthropically minded. It provides worksheets and talking points to help draw out individual passions for causes while guiding a discussion of strategic giving. Coming soon.

If you have feedback after using our workbooks or a suggestion for our repertoire generally, please e-mail us.